Integrity and Compassion

Integrity and Compassion.

This is what today’s leaders are lacking.

The more I think about this statement, the more I can’t help but believe it.

I had a dream a few nights ago that I wish I could broadcast to all of humanity. In this dream, I was watching a speaker address the issue of the leadership in our world. He noted previous presidents, what they accomplished during their time in office, and how they accomplished these things.

He said the reason these men were successful was because they led with integrity and compassion. He then said the statement that has been echoing through my mind since I had this dream: “integrity and compassion – that’s what today’s leaders are lacking.”

I think my subconscious was onto something.

Imagine if the world’s top leaders were guided by this standard of leading with integrity and compassion. Imagine if every day, the people at the top, middle, and bottom embodied these principles. Imagine what a tremendous change that would be!

Now, I want you to stop imagining this utopian world and start working towards it.

Show the people you work with, walk with, talk with, drive with, ride with – the people you share this world with – show them all integrity and compassion.

I fully believe that if we start leading with integrity and compassion in our daily living, it will inspire others to do the same.

If we can’t change the whole world, at least we can change our own worlds.


Stand Out.
(Photo Credit – Britney Molloy)

-britney johnna